Ultimate Blogging Series Part 1: 6 Fast And Easy Steps To Set Your Blog On Fire

Have you been thinking how a blog gets popular? There are literally 1001 ways to drive traffic to your blog and set your blog on fire. It is not hard at all to drive thousands, if not, tens of thousands of visitors to your blog. You need to know what you need to do.

Ultimate Blogging Series is created to help you explode your blogging experience. This will be the first article in the series. In this article, I will talk about one of my favorite way to drive heavy amount of traffic to any site I want, in a snap of a finger. I call it “6 Steps To Set Your Blog On Fire”. Let’s start:

Step 1: Write A Free Report
Surprise! This looks weird isn’t it? You have probably head of driving traffic using article marketing, forum participation, link building, link exchange and the like. Have you ever heard of driving traffic using a free report? Guess what, if you do it right, you will never have to worry about traffic again, unless you really want to set your server on fire.

Step 2: Address A “Sleepless” Concern
In order for the free report to work, you need to write it in a way that it addresses a concern. Don’t be afraid to write your best kept secret into the free report. It has to be real good! I mean REAL good. This is to ensure that your free report will stand out from the crowd, knowing that there are thousands of free reports freely exchanging hands on the internet. But how do you know you are addressing a concern? A rule of thumb is always ask yourself, whether the free report answers the headache question that keeps people awake in the night.

Step 3: Include Link-Backs In The Free Report
Since my college years, I have always been taught: Do Not Give Anything Away For Free. That’s right! You cannot do someone a favor until you know how to love yourself. In your free report that you will give it away in the end of the day, include not one, but many link-backs to your blog so that people have some where to go for more after reading your free report.


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Step 4: Make The Free Report Into PDF Format For Easy Distribution
The next step is to make your free report into PDF format. PDF is easy to distribute and looks welcoming. Always make your reports into PDF format. Do not ever distribute your free report in the form of word document. Protect it using PDF, so it is not easily editable. You may convert your word document into PDF using pdfonline.com, or simply download a free copy of OpenOffice at OpenOffice.org to save your free report in the form of PDF directly. I like OpenOffice very much, as it allows me to save all my work in PDF directly, free of charge!

Step 5: Give Readers The Right To Give The Free Report Away
In your free report, tell them that they have the right to give this free report away, whether via direct download (give them the link of the download), via email, or anyway they like. Remind them a few times, especially after every strong and informative paragraph. Sometimes, people share the free report with their friends immediately after reading something that hits them hard.

Step 6: Give Your Free Report Away
Now, here is the secret move for this free report: give it away, all over the places! You can include a download link on your blog, in your forum signature, in your resource box when you are submitting articles, in your MySpace profile, in your http://BlogFeast.net blog. Attach this report in an email and send it to all your friends. Do a search on Google about “free ebook directories” and submit your free report to all the directories. Try to get as many people to download and read as possible.

The first wave of give-away is usually done by you, which I call seeding. Make sure you seed in at least 10 traffic hubs. By mentioning traffic hubs I mean sites or places that the traffic gathers. Make your free report a direct download. Once you seed the free report, if it is REAL good, it will get distributed.

Remember you left a link in the free report pointing back to your blog? You should start to see some traffic coming back to your blog for more information. You can then capture them into your RSS subscription or mailing list. You can even offer them more free reports of other closely related concerns to have them give away for you.

This technique is a surefire way to set your blog on fire. It is not hard at all. Your free report does not have to be in hundreds of pages. A 10-15 pages report addressing a “sleepless” concern will do the trick. After sending the free report away, give it some time. Slowly, you will see your blog’s traffic increasing. The traffic will not come in a day, but it will come gradually, today more than yesterday, as your report is now reaching more and more people’s hand.


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